10 Movies and TV Shows Related to Sex Dolls

by Cassie


A combination of factors has made human sex dolls increasingly prominent in our culture. This is usually shown in weird and funny ways, but they are shown on a larger scale in Hollywood movies. Although, realistic sex dolls have appeared in pop and rap songs, but never as a character that could be described as a central or main character.

In this article, talk about the wonderful world of life-size sex dolls inspired by Hollywood movies! If you own a realistic sex doll, you will really feel these directors’ interpretations of the future development of sex dolls and their interactions with your life. If you’ve never touched it, you’ll be surprised how normal the concept of sex dolls is in movies!

Anyway, art comes from life, and while sex dolls may not be a big part of your life, all signs point to their place in the future! RealSexLoveDoll.com sex dolls are actually well received premium sex dolls in the industry, so RealSexLoveDoll.com editors are always ready to provide you with relevant industry information. At the end of the week, you might want to check out the movie tidbits! Here is a list of movies that all sex doll lovers should not miss!

1) “Doll Romance”

The craziness and creativity of the show earned it a spot. It contains love, desire, and deep philosophical questions about the future of robots and humans.


Almost by accident, the film presents what is most real and most likely to happen in the years after 2022. It’s hard not to be sure, imagine an angry and rebellious teenager on the run from a long-oppressed family with a friend. who has a sex doll. Ask yourself, what are the chances that people will take or steal their friends’ sex dolls and then go on an elopement together?

Even if a girl was doing it, why did she form a friendship with the doll? If she can really resolve her emotional doubts, is she still a love doll? It’s a light comedy, starring Anna Kendrick, that puts these questions and more directly into your brain.

2) “Ex Machina”

There is a 0 chance that you have not heard of this movie and a 50% chance that you have seen it. The 2014 classic is one of the biggest sex doll-themed productions Hollywood has ever produced and is seen as conveying a positive outlook.


There are two main reasons for the popularity of the film. First of all, the amazing beauty of the robot is very similar to the popular sex dolls In today’s society. Second, the film delves into the hypothetical potential of consciousness in robotic creations. The RealSexLoveDoll.com editors aren’t spoiling anything, it’s that the movie takes an interesting look at the ideological nature of these CPU-based robots.

3) “Artificial Intelligence”

It’s a movie you’ve probably seen since it was wildly popular when it was released in 2001, but the connection to the sex doll is more subtle, as the main focus is on the artificial intelligence itself.


Whether on the big screen or in real life, everyone loves the imagination that imaginative robots with limitless potential bring into our lives, and their presence is often marked by positivity. The RealSexLoveDoll.com editors won’t spoil the plot of the movie, but let’s say it’s about a robot boy, and the name of the show he’s implanted into is love.

4) “Electronic Dream”

Originally released in 1984, the film was way ahead of its time. Back then, people had good ideas about the future of robots and sex dolls.


“Electronic Dreams” predicts the natural and competitive nature between a man, a woman, and a robot. Not surprisingly, everything from biology to robotics wants to get the attention it thinks it deserves, and this is the first “love triangle” with robots, and it has a very unique twist!

5) “She”

In 2013, the film “She” was released, which was the first film to show in very real and natural scenes how a man grows, meeting in many ways with lifeless artificial things.


The idea of ​​men and women falling in love with robotic partners is often overlooked, but the movie does a good job of predicting what’s to come years from now. Now, there are plenty of easy-to-understand stories about men and women who form real, lasting bonds with their robotic counterparts.

6) “Inflatable Doll Love”

The movie is a 2007 film from one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, Ryan Gosling.


The film is quite sensitive and sentimental, and revolves around a man who just wants to live a planned and predictable life. Without spoiling the plot, the character suffers misfortunes in his personal life and understands the true cost of love in human emotion. When you found a special sex doll, you satisfied your mental and physical needs and avoided costs in the long run.

7) “Robot”

The Robot movie actually takes place in a world full of robots. The film is set in the distant future, where humanity seems to have forgotten the human element and only sees a world after the sex dolls take over.


If you watch this movie you will see how beautiful and wonderful a world full of robots is and overall it’s just a good vision of our future! Perhaps we will be these robots of art, balance and beauty?

8) “Metropolis”

As the oldest movie on our list, this movie is truly legendary as it first appeared in 1927!


The movie is also interesting at the current speed of our technology, it’s a very close prediction of the future! The movie is basically about a tech-obsessed scientist who lives in an even crazier city and decides to create an adorable robot sidekick. This fellow becomes larger than life and begins to purge himself of the madness of the city he has discovered.

9) “Artificial Intelligence”

The 2022 film is set in a distant future where humans and robots coexist on Earth and in space.


It turns out that the smartphones of the future will eventually merge with the sex dolls of today, and that combination is something people love to see! It is more of an action-adventure movie reflecting the future equality that humans share with sex dolls, main representatives.

10) “Super Marines”

Of course, at least one Disney movie has to be on the list! Like most Disney movies, it’s a simple hero story, but it delves into the adult themes of AI theory and gameplay.


In the film, a boy grows up with his AI robot and adjusts to his adult world together. Naturally, through situations of their own making, they are forced to choose good or bad things and begin to learn to think critically.


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