4 tips for choosing your first sex doll

by Cassie


Sex is the love of a man’s life, men never grow up, it’s just that their sex toys get bigger and more expensive.

Fantasy Milf Real American Love Doll 158cm – Sandra

As men get older, they love to be alone more and more, and men should understand this feeling, lock themselves in a closed space to catch their breath, and use their hands to masturbate their penis and release their negative emotions.

It is no exaggeration to say that when the semen of a man’s life spurts out, this moment makes the man stir. After orgasm, every man returns to the most rational time of day.

Y premium sex dolls are such male masturbator that you buy and never forget, but not all sex dolls can bring extraordinary experiences. If you are a new player, please contact first, then it is necessary to compare and choose more. It cannot be simply said that the one with some outstanding features, high appearance and high price is the best. After all, for public players, cost performance is the most important choice!

158cm Full Size Realistic TPE Silicone Sex Doll - Madonna
158cm Full Size Realistic TPE Silicone Sex Doll – Madonna

one. There is no such thing as the best sex doll.: There is no such thing as the best sex doll, just like you go to the hospital and ask the doctor which medicine is the best. I think the doctor might think you’re here for trouble. In fact, there is no absolute standard for anything in reality. Everything is the best only if it suits you. Otherwise, there will not be as many styles of sex dolls.

two. Not that the most expensive sex dolls are, better: The theory that the more expensive the better is not true for sex dolls. In the early years, people’s consumption concept has always been “cheap is not good and good is not cheap”, but now more when we pay attention it is profitable. Because some expensive things may not be right for you, and what is right for you may not necessarily be expensive.

3. Big brand sex dolls are not necessarily better than small brands.: As for the big brands, most of the big reasons for this brand are because they entered the industry earlier, mastered most of the industry’s resources, and successfully promoted various popular models. It doesn’t mean that the big brands don’t have flaws, and they must be good.

Four. The body of the doll should not be too tall.: It is a mistake to equate the experience with the height of the doll. There are many dolls on the market and the ones promoted by stores have good visual effects. All dolls are tall and have a proud bust. This is because most companies use taller dolls when taking materials to enhance the beauty of the dolls. However, we try not to choose sex dolls with a height of more than 170 cm when buying, because the weight of sex dolls will make many newbies feel pressure, and those with very strong arms are not included in this list.

158cm (5'2) Beautiful Realistic Female Sex Doll - Zita
158cm (5’2) Beautiful Realistic Female Sex Doll – Zita

Therefore, when choosing your first sex doll, you should pay attention to the above points. It’s right for you and profitable. These two elements are necessary points when we buy other products, and buying sex dolls is no exception. It is recommended to choose sex dolls with silicone and TPE bodies. This combination not only satisfies the wearing experience, but also feels the beauty of high-fidelity head carving details. The best of both worlds complement each other!

Using both hands to provide comfort and release, this man’s innate ability has now ushered in a revolutionary moment, a sex doll that combines human wisdom, we no longer have to use calloused hands to grasp the penis, this is the most delicate skin is subjected to a superior drying rub.

158cm(5'2”) Hot Big Boobs Big Breast Sex Doll - Azubah
158cm(5’2”) Hot Big Boobs Big Breast Sex Doll – Azubah

Sex dolls make men’s sexual stimulation reach an unprecedented climax. Those who have experienced sex dolls must understand the feeling that they do not want to withdraw after inserting their vaginas, and no one can forget them. The real woman’s re-recorded vaginal canal design is closer to the real experience, and you can deeply feel the impact of sex again and again!


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