Men should not repress their sexual desires

by Cassie


Men’s sexual experience has begun to expand from penis to ejaculation, and male users actively using sex dolls are also increasing. Sex dolls are not only used for sex and increase interest, but also as a practical partner for solo groups.

168cm Warm Sister Small Breast Real Love Doll – Sylvia

With the lifting of the ban and the gradual opening of social customs, the control of disciplinary lust has been reduced, and sex dolls are no longer obscene objects, but sex dolls with affection and fun. Sex is not only an intimate relationship between men and women, the new sex doll also allows multiple genders to seek the possibility of fun and play.

156cm 5.12ft Real Love Sex doll with High End Sex Doll – Kate

Although the use of sex dolls has been protested for the rights and autonomy of some women, the enthusiasm of men to buy sex dolls has been increasing. sales of female sex dolls are increasing by 50% each year, while male sex dolls are also increasing by 30%.

160cm (5ft 3ft) small breasted realistic doll – Kasandra

In addition, the humiliation of the sluts who have not decreased in the social atmosphere also persists from time to time, and the friendly erotic space must be managed with the effort to maintain, which reminds us that the cost of erotic performance between different genders and sexual orientations still have a way to go. The reform of the power operation of the target class cannot stop at the current approach. Until one day, the sex doll will be able to break through the “female substitute” and the “sexual masturbation device”, recover the purest sexual desire, and turn it into a variety of Any male body can pursue the role of self-pleasure. and enjoy


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