Why do men prefer to fall in love with a sex doll before a real woman?

by Cassie


Among several masturbators for menSex dolls are the most controversial topic. This is because premium realistic sex dolls can already be simulated to the extent that they are very similar to real women’s bodies. Relatively speaking, they are even more attractive than real women.

We will not argue if we are exaggerating science and technology, but it is true that sex dolls have changed the current state of some men in their lives. As many men with sex dolls say, “It’s not that I don’t like women, but I don’t like the people around me!”

This sentence seems very contradictory, but it also points out the main weak points of the socialization of young men. A love doll with a traditional inverted aesthetic is certainly more appealing, but acceptance is yet to develop and is no longer surprising.

The main male customers for these sex dolls are not only imaginary bachelors, but also collectors who like statue crafts and body art. To put it another way, the facial features and limbs of women are gradually and accurately modeled and copied and then presented to these clients. This is also a huge group.

do this female sex dolls are better than real women? Actually, the love for female sex dolls is different from the love of real women because love dolls do not have emotional or interpersonal feedback. Sex dolls provide the opportunity to reflect feelings only limited by the imagination. In addition to the basic needs of eating, drinking and breathing, sex and interpersonal relationships are also more important than them.

Intimate sexual relationships play an important role in a person’s life. As we age, social isolation can have a devastating effect on people’s mental and physical health. For those without a life partner, sex dolls have many benefits. For those who find it difficult to find a partner, perhaps they can benefit from sex dolls.

This opportunity for expression and the feeling of being accompanied by “people” can palliate and palliate feelings of loneliness. In addition, humans are complex animals, and it seems unrealistic to thoroughly study human nature, but the beauty of studying the human body is slowly being realized.

Some people believe that the deep relationship with sex dolls can cause humans to escape from real social interaction and isolate themselves from society. However, at least for now, it is impossible, and with the development of technology, humans can already interact with more real AI sex dolls, and perhaps many problems will become more complicated by then.


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